Friday, September 01, 2006

September ahoooy

Its September!!! The month of fresh starts, hope and new eras (As well as new tv seasons!!) I've always loved September. September - December has been in my head the brighter aura of the year. Whilst Jan- April is the darkest. I LOVE SEPTEMBER. Why?

Sept 97 - I changed schools and embarked on the best period of my life!! Met new friends, met new loves, obtained new goals!

Sept 99/00/01 - New school years, new goals, new people, new places!

Sept 02 - Beginning of university!!! A whooooooooole new country, new places, new adventures, new trials and tribulations, new pleasures

Sept 03/04 - Each year the hope that this would be better than the last. And even if it isnt the happiness that heck we dont know yet so lets just keep the hope alive!

Sept 05 - Embarking on full time employment! Hope for a new life for me and family!

Sept 06- ?

Lets find out together shall we!


Blu~ said...

Wow, September has been a great month for you throughout the years huh? Well, I feel like this one is going to be a great one as well, not just for you, but for the whole world. Lets hope that I'm right!

Later Rane, I missed ya' don't leave like that so much...

Rane said...

aww thanks blu! my audience :D

and I ve discovered how to add pictures!

look fwd to more posts x