Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Apologies for my absence!!! Been very busy actually living life as opposed to writing about it which I normally do! Anyways, missed my blog and figured I must at least have another post before March ends. No, I haven't been abducted by the aforementioned abductors!

Life's become pretty fun - after a huge hiatus from the romance scene since the ex, someone has appeared on the scene. Enjoying that butterfly feeling of a new interest and the blossoming of infatuation. I wrote about having no idea how to trust someone again but now I see that I've learnt from the past but not allowing it to stop the future. Well, not yet anyway. There are some complications with the current interest (hereby named X) however, since Im on holiday and am trying to let nothing upset this year, I'm taking them as they come!

Its a short post but just to let everyone know Im alive! and kicking! and hopefully I will get some inspirations to write more!

Monday, March 05, 2007


As of late, a recent night in Sri Lanka for an ordinary citizen is a rather vulnerable one. Whilst they are watching tv in the night they might have to accomodate some visitors.

Some who are known to them, family, friends, co-workers.

A number of people - slowly becoming the majority, whilst watching the tv, gets a knock at their door in the middle of the night. An armed group of civil clothed men drag a male from the family (the husband, the 17 yr old teenage boy) into a vehicle and leaves. They never hear from them again. There's a high incidence of bodies being discovered in marshes, rivers, beaches etc.

And then, the newest, a tv channel sends their reporters to houses in the middle of the night, requesting entrance to the house with cameras so that they would be able to see what the people are watching - if its a programme on the channel, they then recieve a prize.

So we Sri Lankans are very social:

Any night we can expect either our friends, a gun (our death) or a washing machine (our luck) to call at our front doors requesting entry.

Any other country offers this?