Saturday, August 30, 2008

A watch shop?!

So the world... or rather Colombo is resounding with the sound of a new bomb being set off in Pettah. Apparently it was set under a board in a pavement watch shop. Ok.. rack your brains people.. when did the LTTE ever use timing devices to send off small bombs in watch shops?!

I'm in my Mid twenties so I can fully assure you that I have not heard of any such thing. I've seen the consequences of their attacks on Central Bank, Orugodawaththa Oil refinery, Dalada Maligawa etc. So.. either the govt must be not telling us enough of how much their victory up north is affecting the LTTE (I mean, they must be pretty desperate to blow up a watch shop) orrr... something fishy is going on.

Take your pick. There's a good blog entry about this here.

Not all is as it seems.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Cricket - What's up with us?

So, I went for Sunday's match, we lost. I watched a bit of yesterday's match. We lost. Now, before you think... Hmm it must be you, NO! I'm not the bad luck charm because I didn't watch the Dambulla match, and we still lost!

1996 - stuff of legend. Made some cricketing legends for sure. After that, it was a downward spiral. A lot of the oldies said farewell and a bunch of new guys came on. But how often, do we reminisce about that World Cup team? Asanka Gurusinghe's Sixer flying through the night air... Sanath achieving Master Blaster status.. Arjuna preferring to walk instead of run during the Finals... Aravinda letting Arjuna hit the winning runs..

I was 12 but I remember all of it. Watching the highlights on YouTube now, it makes you so proud!!! Then came the period that we'll all rather forget with purposely dropping catches and what losing to Kenya was it?

Now, we have a good team. We have excellent batting. We have legends in Jayasuriya, Murali and Vaas. But in all our sporting arenas, why are we not training up young talent as well as we should? Why are we relying on 30 year olds to bring us Olympic Golds? Close to 40 year olds to save matches? It shows a severe lack of interest by the ruling parties to invest enough money on training up young talents.

I don't know abt running, but I'm pretty sure there must be a few untrained Sanath's out there. With the high incidence of cricket games in this country, its a high probability that another Kalu or Gurusinghe is out there. But we don't locate them and we don't train them. Why else would players like Chamara Silva who held such hope during last year's World Cup fall to the background? We are lucky to have found Malinga and Mendis. But are they really the new Muralis? Do they have the determination and dedication to the Sport to succeed as Murali has? Malinga got his contract withdrawn for his bad behaviour on tour. Where's the dedication?

Right now, our team is inexperienced. Some say let them get trained up they'll be great. But will they? Are the right resources available for these players to hone their talent and become their best? I'm not sure. Mahela is a remnant from his generation of cricketers. His compatriots all come and gone. Sanga is off the era after Mahela.

Once Sana, Vaas and Murali decide enough is enough, will we really have that much hope? Shouldn't our infrastructure improve to support these sportsmen who clearly have the talents yet lack the resources? Its a sad state of affairs when we lost after 25 years to India in our own country. If this doesn't alert the authorities to sit up and do something about this sport that has provided us all with so many heroes, so many proud moments, I don't know what will.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Tree of Hope

Perhaps past events have hurt you, but you must still have hope. For without hope, your existence becomes dull. Pessimism is only good so far. With hope, life becomes a sunrise, you become more open to possibilities, opportunities and events. As the picture above, hope allows your mind to be a canvas. Without hope, you are but a cloudy night.

So even if someone doesn't reciprocate your feelings, even if someone has left you, even if you haven't met worth giving your heart to in so long you forget what it feels like, it is important to be open. It is vital to know that these feelings do pass. And that someone else will most definitely come along.

There are 6.6 billion people in this world. Have hope!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Baked Crab Cravings

I am craving one of these baked crab/cheesey filled dishes today!!

Any idea which places in Colombo offers the best?

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Siestas, Lazy Days..

A lazy Sunday, a cool beer at the beach, read a book on a hammock whilst the sea breeze rushes through your hair, a good crab curry for lunch, a dip in the ocean...

Hmmm... what luxuries Sri Lanka provides!!! Isn't that fantastic? We have it all right at our feet. If just managed properly, this place really is Paradise. If its like this when not managed properly imagine what it would be with a booming economy?

I'm so glad to start working in Sri Lanka. After so many years of living abroad, it feels fantastic. To be able to afford any cuisine that I wish for at any point, to access the beach at any time, to smell the rain falling on the Earth. That smell.. do you know what I speak of? You can't find it anywhere in the world I'm sure. Just in the Sri Lankan soil.

With green hills, fresh strawberries and cream available in the Hill country and plenty of relics for the culturally inclined, its more than a shame its a tragedy that Sri Lanka has faced so much turmoil.

I'm glad to be back and I'm glad I can look forward for at least a year here. Sri Lankans always survive. These are the things that makes me proud to be Sri Lankan.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Good God!

If my previous post wasn't enough, I just had the pleasure of catching Jackson Anthony in a State TV interview.


'people say nationalism is bad but without embracing nationalism we cannot reach internationalism'...

F*** knows what internationalism is.. doesn't it completely go against the concept of nationalism? And as feared, the interview just re-iterated what I said in my previous post. Bogged down in Mahavamsa it's proving its purpose. Excerpts from people who watched the movie state that 'we are so grateful to Mr Anthony for reminding us our history'.

Meanwhilst take a look at a fellow blogger's entry here.

This is progressive thinking. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of a certain position and taking the best action. Of course this gentleman is educated. Perhaps its our fault for electing asses that don't even have a decent degree that this situation has arisen. What hope does our nation have when everyone who has even a blotch of brains are too afraid to speak up and let asses run the country?

Monday, August 18, 2008


I've managed to hit the top posts for yesterday/today for the first time in my history of Kottuing!

Very happy!!

Thanks all!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

ABA - my next rant..

I wasn't going to blog about this movie because I felt that one rant after another after another will just be excessive. However, i just read the following:

And I feel that it is imperative to express my opinion that this movie cannot be looked at anything but a movie.

For those that aren't entirely familiar with Sinhalese cinema, 'Aba' is the story of King Pandukabaya's childhood. It was directed by film actor Jackson Anthony and it was produced by... well apparently two business men. However the story behind the story is that Rs/- 800,000,000.00 was provided by none other than our great leader. The trailers for 'Aba' started been played when the hindi movie 'Jodhaa Akbar' was playing in the cinemas. And I have it on a trusted source that Mr. Anthony believed his cinematic creation to be on par with 'Jodhaa Akbar'.

So, shall we compare the two movies? (Just the two movies and what they inspired not the actual legend/story)

Whilst I was watching 'Jodhaa Akbar', a singular important thought came into my mind. 'How lucky are the Indian people that they have leaders like this they can look back upon with pride'. Why did I think this? Well, Akbar appeared from childhood to be a fair human being. He did not seek to kill his prisoners of war for the glory of his name. He went beyond himself to understand the plights of the people, reducing their taxes and bringing about prosperity to the country during his reign. He was fair to all his subjects were they Hindu or Muslim or the other various sects that India has to offer. So these were the reasons that were illustrated through this movie abt Akbar.

As a piece of cinema, it was a masterpiece. Songs by A.R.Rahman, dance sequences that were elaborately planned and hundreds as junior artistes. Of course, Indian cinema has more money available to it and more advanced technology and all around talents that are available to it than we have. Politically what did the movie potray? That it is possible to have fair leaders who can bring about the prosperity of a nation irrespective of the ethnicities present in that nation.

Now let's take 'Aba', cinematography and sets were excellent. Mr Anthony had taken on board what he has seen during his work with directors in large scale movies. They had workers from India flown in to create the sets. As you enter, the slogan associated with 'Aba' speaks of a person ascended from 'Ruhuna' (Now Hambantota) that saved the nation. Hmm.. analogies anyone? Movie starts. First line in the blank screen? Salutations to His Excellency MR. Ass licking anyone? I've watched many a movie in my lifetime, not many salutes a nation's President at the beginning.

For a movie spanning two and a half hours, the first twenty minutes are spent focussing on the events at the birthing chamber. We have a whole host of senior artistes from the Sri Lankan film industry: Malini Fonseka, Raveendra Randeniya, Sabeetha Perera, Shriyantha Mendis and a whole host of new artistes. The kid acts pretty well, more natural in his actions. It wasn't his fault that the script was ever so... retarded. Serela (the little girl who was a main actor in 'Water') is wasted in her role as the adopted child by Sabeetha's character. She merely dances here and there and waddles off. We know she is capable of a lot more.

Raveendra looks like a Sri Lankan Gandalf as the Pandula Brahamana. All decked out in white with the stump. Sabeetha seems incapable of efficient emotions even now as Unmada Chitra. Malini performed well in her role showcasing grandeur and dignity. Saumya Liyanage was excellent as Habara. His performance was slightly reminiscent of that of his father, Hemasiri Liyanage in certain films. Kingsley Loos appears to be a good fit for the character of Tissa.

Anyhow, back to the movie. Dialogue contained gems such as 'Even the Gods will forgive those who murder in the name of the country'. Needless to say several people in the audience snorted. And of course, Aba seemed to have mixed himself with Harry Potter as he is protected by the love of his uncle Chittaraja (who protects him as a ghost). And of course, in a highly ironic twist of facts... what religion protects Aba from his birth to his ascend to kingship? Hinduism. Mr Anthony seems to utilise Hindu Slokas and chants as background music and it is these chants as well as the psychic eye of a seer that succeeds in ensuring Aba's safety through all danger. Right at the end, Aba lifts his sword and is blessed by Chittaraja's ghost who is up on a rock and has assumed supernatural powers as he transfers his powers to Aba's palms or sword (I really couldn't be arsed paying attention to detail by this point). Its kinda like Lion King really. Only Simba is down below and Mufasa's ghost is on a rock. Imagine that. Its actually an injustice to the actual fellow who lived to reduce him to a mere puppet of a ghost or an astrologer.

And of course scattered throughout the 2.5 hours is various comments regarding the Sinhalese and the various gothras we come from etc etc. And the last rocker of a statement from Aba, 'I will fight for the glory of this motherland till death'. Yeah charming that.

So, why make this movie at this time? Around the world people use the medium of cinema and art as an opportunity to bridge gaps. To exaggerate the similarities and negate the differences. Did this movie make me proud to be Sinhalese/Sri Lankan? Err.. no. It made me feel a tad daft to be honest. Why, if this was true I have to go finding a ghost to protect me. Did this movie focus on the importance of blood lines and the importance of ethnicities? YES. Did it say we are all the same, cmon get along? No. So why would anyone in their right mind spend 800M rupees to make such a movie, intersperse nationalism promoting comments within it and throw it out to the public?

Why else? P.R.O.P.A.G.A.N.D.A

Hitler used it, Mussolini used it, Bush uses it, I'm sure Mugabe probably uses it, so why not our fellow?

To come back to the blog entry that inspired this post, this is how some people take this movie- to be fair I didn't read the whole post. However, it is not an epic movie that enters the annals of Sinhalese cinema. For its cinematography and elaborate attire, yes I conceded it is a great improvement from the Anarkali clad rubbish we see. However, if I was a fellow from Matara who watch this with the few rupees I have and I have already been indoctrinated about how great my race is, then we will have issues.

One must look towards legends and myth as examples of how to solve current problems. Sri Lankan history as illustrative as it is, is bogged down in Sinhalese Buddhism. That's not what the country needs at this point. That's precisely why MR spent money on this movie. That's precisely why the greatness of fighting for the nation is written all over it. Its an exaggerated method of alluring young fellows to join the army or support the war cause.

It is sickening when artistes use their talent (as Mr. Anthony clearly has talent) for these purposes. People are blinded by money. However, I am not blinded by 'Aba'.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Monks.. Buddhist Monks... Sri Lankan Buddhist Monks

Take a look at the third picture here.

Courtesy of Daily Mirror.

Now, when I used to go to school and study Buddhism, I was taught that Lord Buddha renounced the world of materialistic things, entered the forest and fought through many distractions to reach the Enlightened state. Through this enlightened state, he preached of the middle path. And ever since his time, those that believed so strongly in this philosophy and realised the truth in it, entered the temple, gave up all materialistic things and devoted his or her life to being an example of Lord Buddha to the generations that came after Him.

Lord Buddha spoke of Peace, of Non Violence, of Love towards all beings.

Well.. isn' t it ironic that in Sri Lanka we have Buddhist Monks leading protests against peace in the North? That in Sri Lanka, this ethnic problem arose due to the retarded sinhala buddhist mentality of this country?? Isn't even more ironic that monks are now in parliament, in violent protests (hurling grenades or something)? I don't know about you but these days I'm finding it very hard to show any respect to these yellow robed bald headed guys. Thats what they've reduced themselves to.

No more venerations. They come to Alms givings in their Mercs, they hoard money in stashes of CRISP notes in their temples, they receive gifts of Omegas and other expensive branded items by rich dignitaries. They conduct business. They enter parliament.

Them getting beaten up a few years ago at a meeting was the best thing I've seen. If you enter into an area that is by all means not suitable to what you are meant to be preaching and therefore being insulting to the religion that you are representing, then by sod's law you should get smashed for it.

Nowadays, these guys probably wear this yellow robe to gain prominence and power. I'm not an ardent buddhist but still, i'm sure I can preach to them what they should be practicing. Its sickening.

By way of disclaimer, I know that not all monks are like this. There are honest, religious monks still out there in this very religious country of ours. But where do they draw the line between reverence and power? Which monks will not fall to the lows of these monks in the spotlight were they given the same opportunities? Is consumerism and global development hitting these guys harder than it hits us?

Not all Tamils are LTTE, not all Sinhalese are Mahinda and not all monks are the JHU Monks. But unless we (who are sane) figure out what to do with these oddities who keep throwing themselves in the limelight and givins us the bad name, this country is pretty much doomed.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Story of A Papaya... And a Lesson in Being Sri Lankan

I was in Wellawatte yesterday to get some shirts and as we were returning to the car, my dad asked me whether I wanted to buy a papaya from the small kadey (store) on the by road where we had parked. I said yes, so we went inside the little shop and a lady was standing outside. We were too busy searching for the right papaya to notice who the lady was or who else was inside the very small area.

Anyway, we finally settled on a decent sized papaya and turned to give it to the shopkeeper and there was noone. Only that lady outside the store. So at this time, we looked a bit confused so the lady said 'Oh he's still not here'. I could see she was a Tamil lady. Dressed in sari. Very respectable.

At this time, another girl from a neighbouring store came to the shop. She also looked inside quizzically and proceeded to stand around. Dad kept the papaya on the weighing scale and left me with the money to pay the shopkeeper ONCE he returns. Of course, in the circumstance of things, I got chatting to the lady.

'He said he will be right back and left me here' She said chuckling. 'Not a good thing to do in these times'.

'Very trusting!' I replied

'Has he still not come?' asked the young Tamil girl.

So we kept waiting for about another ten minutes. I played around with the rice in the goni bags. There were lots of sachets hung about. Indicating that people really can't afford anything more than a 2 Rs. sachet of shampoo or Diva detergent.

There were several three wheeler drivers around. Each passer by caught my attention as I thought 'AH finally he has returned!!!'

So after 5 more minutes in the hot sun, the Muslim shopowner returns. Coolly and calmly he walks to the store. Goes inside and starts conducting the business. The lady and I look at each other and laugh.

She says something to the shopkeeper in Tamil and walks off.

I pay 100 Rs. for my papaya and walk to the car.

A small incident. Involving three ethnicities. But overwhleming with trust. No one tried to take stuff and run away. No one got angry at being made to wait. It was just accepted. And it was spent in a non hurried cordial way.

In the broader picture, we have war being waged apparently because this very cordiality doesn't exist amongst us the Sri Lankan population. Yet we have endured 25 years of war and over 50 years of propoganda attempting to brainwash us and atttempting to make us feel different from other Sri Lankans and still something like this incident still have the possibility of happening.

So if a segment of us still have the 'normal' mentality necessary to leave peacefully as good neighbours and citizens, then why can't the rest understand this ideology? How come we aren't all brawling every single day in our daily work? We all work with all three ethnicities, have friends in all three groups, but yet come the elections or any sort of threat to the asses in Power they preach the doctrine of hatred and fear. This lecture goes into the minds of the villagers and we have our current situation.

It is more than clear that we are all capable of living in this country without creating unnecessary trouble. So why wage war? Please, I request any of the armed forces, Presidents and other political idiots, dont wage war in my name. I don't ask for it. I don't want it. If you agree with me, perhaps we should all request the same.

If anything, the public should wage war against the government. Drive out these retards and get back the people with minds, hearts and good instincts.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Work Work Work Hunt for Work

10,000 B.C.

Caveman is hungry, wants to eat, runs after wildboar, catches it, eats it.

2008 A.D

I am hungry, I must attend multiple interviews, find a job, negotiate a salary, work my ass off, get the salary, purchase food items with salary, eat it.

Who says development was a good thing?!

Just so fed up of attending interviews! Finally reached final round and received an offer but the salary is not upto par with what I was expecting so do I go back in there, conduct more and more and more interviews till I finally get something with the proper salary range or just say 'FUCK IT.. and take this? I have debt to pay off so its not like I'm being greedy or anything.

I ranted about this a month ago or so and I shall rant about it again.

Its all bullshit. This whole exchange item for money, or service for money etc etc has evolved erratically and is perhaps one of the main causes behind a lot of things happening today! Greed is such a core attribute in all economies and nations. I mean look at our esteemed leader for one.

Ok it was a minor rant and its over.

If I didn't have to worry about money and financing mine, my future children and my parents futures, I would pretty much become a doctor. or a teacher. Noble professions. Dispense my wisdom unto others. Without cost.

Anyway, what would you be?

Friday, August 08, 2008

Inflation, Stupid Leaders and The Need For a Holiday

Currently in the midst of a serious job hunt which includes me having to have in depth knowledge of the country's fiascoes, economy and other depressing statistics. Inflation is down from 28% to 26% - cause for celebration! NOT! That's a whole 24% more than it should be! MR and his usual antics and the crimes of uneducated politicians stand out from blogs and newspapers. So, I feel I wanna take a leaf out of our great leader's book and go on holiday! Albeit I might give a miss to the Beijing Olympics (I thought the opening ceremony looked fantastic!).

My last fantastic holiday whose only objective was to relax was to the Maldives. Else I've been travelling around in the plans to visit people and work. Which doesn't really constitute a holiday since you have an agenda. Anyways, the journey to the Maldives wasn't as easy I thought. There are so many factors to consider so by the time you get there you're really ready for a holiday!

The transport cost from the airport to the island resort of your choice varies depending on how far it is from the airport and whether you use a speedboat or a sea plane. Sea Planes obviously are faster, but clearly more expensives. A 20 minute journey on a seaplane takes 2 hours on the speed boat. I tried both and found the sea plane to be mildly nauseating. Really. Been confined to a small aircraft which rocks here and there and has close to no air circulation is disturbing.

Then there's a choice of where to go! So many resorts, so many differences so little time!!!! and and other such sites provides pretty steep rates with not much scope for discount so what I tried to do was approach the hotels themselves. Failing which, the less commercially oversubscribed sites such as was a better option. They automatically compared all hotels found and provided me with the best rates in an easy to read format so my confused little brain wasn't fried in trying to look for the exact rates. Oh and for the fun of it, I searched Colombo and Kandy and such hotels on the above website and found all the hotels here as well! Which is FANTASTIC for those of us in Sri Lanka who can't seem to find a single website that gives rates for all the hotels here.

So in the end I managed to find a lovely hotel in the then Velidhuu resort owned by John Keels Hotels and had a scrumptious holiday. The beaches are so beautiful and so clean and so amazingly blue. I love the fact that the water isn't deep and you can wade around in peace. The comfort and peace that Maldives provides is hard to find anywhere else. Perhaps it's due to the fact that the somewhat steep prices keeps it a tad exclusive.

I'm dying to return and considering the current state of matters in Sri Lanka , perhaps its best we all jump ship, get some canoes and paddle away to the Maldives where we can live peaceful, white sandy blue beached lives :D

Monday, August 04, 2008

When Fools Become Leaders...

When fools become leaders,

* They print billions of extra money to stuff in their red scarves..

* They plunge a country into inflation of 28%

* They piss off our rather large neighbouring nations through deception

* They appoint their nearest and dearest as ambassadors.. ignoring that they are farmers

* They organise a summit when it isnt their turn

* They spend LKR 3BN on summit whilst the people get thrown out of their homes

* They close roads so they can travel around in peace and the people get stuck in jams for hours

* They warmonger amongst the villagers and use that ignorance to their advantage

* They attack anyone who cares to tell the truth

* They appoint thugs as ministers and minsters progeny wander around waving guns (see Mervyn Silva)

* They take the country, wring its neck, get as much as they can and throw it out.

Its distasteful. Its dispicable and its disgusting.

It starts with an M.