Monday, August 25, 2008

Tree of Hope

Perhaps past events have hurt you, but you must still have hope. For without hope, your existence becomes dull. Pessimism is only good so far. With hope, life becomes a sunrise, you become more open to possibilities, opportunities and events. As the picture above, hope allows your mind to be a canvas. Without hope, you are but a cloudy night.

So even if someone doesn't reciprocate your feelings, even if someone has left you, even if you haven't met worth giving your heart to in so long you forget what it feels like, it is important to be open. It is vital to know that these feelings do pass. And that someone else will most definitely come along.

There are 6.6 billion people in this world. Have hope!


Vatsi said...

Its always "hope" that keeps us going on and i for one have always been sad and lonely since my last break up three years ago and i have been trying to find that perfect person and i'm failing.

Still, i have not given up the hope of finding someone whom i think i can love......

Lady divine said...

Just what I needed to read..:)

Thank you for the post..:)

Rine said...

my pleasure.. it was partially meant for u because i saw the posts u had written :( don't worry have hope lady divine!

vatsi, its hard but the right person will come along. they always do!