Monday, August 11, 2008

Work Work Work Hunt for Work

10,000 B.C.

Caveman is hungry, wants to eat, runs after wildboar, catches it, eats it.

2008 A.D

I am hungry, I must attend multiple interviews, find a job, negotiate a salary, work my ass off, get the salary, purchase food items with salary, eat it.

Who says development was a good thing?!

Just so fed up of attending interviews! Finally reached final round and received an offer but the salary is not upto par with what I was expecting so do I go back in there, conduct more and more and more interviews till I finally get something with the proper salary range or just say 'FUCK IT.. and take this? I have debt to pay off so its not like I'm being greedy or anything.

I ranted about this a month ago or so and I shall rant about it again.

Its all bullshit. This whole exchange item for money, or service for money etc etc has evolved erratically and is perhaps one of the main causes behind a lot of things happening today! Greed is such a core attribute in all economies and nations. I mean look at our esteemed leader for one.

Ok it was a minor rant and its over.

If I didn't have to worry about money and financing mine, my future children and my parents futures, I would pretty much become a doctor. or a teacher. Noble professions. Dispense my wisdom unto others. Without cost.

Anyway, what would you be?


Anonymous said...

I think its best for you to the best that you think you will get. Once you join you can look for a higher paying job. The other best thing to do is freelance. its probably the easiest and fastest method of pay....

hope the interviews work out :)

Rine said...

Thanks rosetintedview :)

I will probably just take the one I ve received an offer from and try negotiating later on!

Its true about freelance though. Must sort out a writing stint somewhere!

realskullzero said...

heh....nice post i guess we will be hunting for work..and then be slaves to the system afterwards..lolz

Rine said...

yep for sure.. its a pretty catch 22 crap system that sum1 has started!

TAR said...

hey.. This may be a shot in the dark cos i have no idea wot kind of work you are looking for .. but i know through a friend that there is a development agency looking for someone to do their reporting and stuff.They are looking for good writing skills and from your blog it seems you can do that and more !
if your interested let me know and leave an email address so i can get them to mail you.

Rine said...

Hi Tar,

Thanks very much! But it appears that my job hunt is finally coming to a close. I was thinking of development and NGO's sector however as with everyone, I need more money :( Its sad! But thanks again!