Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Good God!

If my previous post wasn't enough, I just had the pleasure of catching Jackson Anthony in a State TV interview.


'people say nationalism is bad but without embracing nationalism we cannot reach internationalism'...

F*** knows what internationalism is.. doesn't it completely go against the concept of nationalism? And as feared, the interview just re-iterated what I said in my previous post. Bogged down in Mahavamsa it's proving its purpose. Excerpts from people who watched the movie state that 'we are so grateful to Mr Anthony for reminding us our history'.

Meanwhilst take a look at a fellow blogger's entry here.

This is progressive thinking. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of a certain position and taking the best action. Of course this gentleman is educated. Perhaps its our fault for electing asses that don't even have a decent degree that this situation has arisen. What hope does our nation have when everyone who has even a blotch of brains are too afraid to speak up and let asses run the country?

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