Monday, February 02, 2009

Condemn the attacks on the Hospital!!!!!!!!!

I'm looking at the sites that are showing pictures upon pictures of little children and women dead in their beds at the PTK Hospital and I actually want to cry. I usually get angry, I write on this, I try and stir up some courage to move the masses yet fail. But I don't cry. But today that is all there is left to do. 

Their only fault is that they were born in the North and born Tamil. How could a government of a 'Democratic Socialist Republic' kill its own citizens in such a horrendous manner?? How could the same government make plans for an elaborate Independence Day parade at Galle Face Green when its civilians are anything but independent??? 

If Prabhakaran is a terrorist and a murderer, we must call the ones on this side ordering these attacks the same thing. I thank the forces for 'rescuing the North' however I have no USE for this land they are capturing. I can take a bet on any given day that the people supporting this ludicrous war does not either. How can we make so many scars on this nation whilst trying to capture this plot of land????

They have broken the Geneva Convention by attacking this hospital. Not once, Not twice BUT THRICE. Would they shell Apollo in sucha  manner? Or Nawaloka? No they would not. Even if they know that terrorists are hiding out in there. THEY WOULD NOT. What makes the citizens of the North ANY LESS CITIZENS of our country than we are?????? 

This is not a fostering environment for anything but terrorism. Yes they'll wipe out the LTTE but pay me when the day comes, someone else - perhaps currently losing a loved one in the North - will grow up to a life of hatred and revenge will burn and another Prabhakaran will come about. Our children will face that terror. And so on and so forth the cycle will continue.

I don't know what to do anymore. It is POINTLESS to write. We all agree, we all disagree amongst each other. How will it stop??!!!!