Saturday, May 20, 2006

Oh what a night..

Song I'm listening to: Oh what a night!

What a lady what a night!! ...

Currently going on the radio.. must have been out when I was 10 or something. Some classics never fade. Isnt it nice how music is always with you? Friends can grow up, change and move on, countries can leave you or vice versa, but music is always with you. And with music you can cross the boundaries of time. Isn't that a special treat?

Well currently, I have decided to change my life completely. TURN IT ON ITS HEAD. and see what it can deliver. Basically, I ve decided to leave London, go home for 6 months and then move to Sydney to do my masters. Now I am not aware how brilliant this decision is - I guess only time can tell. Sometimes I feel sad, London's my friend, its my home away from home. Such a big city and I can tell you exactly how to get to a place you ask about. I know the bus routes, the tube map has been implanted in my head, the best clubs to goto, the bands that play here, where to get chinese if I want chinese or italian if I want italian food. The broadbands - exactly that - its broadband, its fast, I can download my episodes of my fave tv shows or download music the minute I feel like it. I can order my food or clothes or dvds online and I can sell anything i dont feel like owning anymore. I know where I can goto relax, stroll in the park, where the best starbucks is, its where I went to college, where I had dates, where I got broken hearted, where I met my bestest mates. So why am I leaving?

Well, London tries its hardest to keep me company, but most of the time Im alone. Friends are busy, no family makes me a dull person. Now I wake up late, goto gym and just hang out at home with my flatmates. Ppl have moved away from this city and it just isnt what it used to be. I guess thats part of growing up. So I must go and see what the world has to offer me. Im gonna drive myself insane living at home. Im sure of this. But I get my meals cooked for me, my laundry done without me even realising it, my parents will be there - those are little blessings that I want to enjoy. If I dont enjoy them now, when will I enjoy them again? And I feel this is the best time. Theres nothing to tie me down to London - so must use this time and leave.

And Sydney! A whole new city to explore. And it might not be anywhere near London - but it has the sea. That can counteract any other negativities.

Song Im listening to now: I keep forgetting - by an old band. Thats the name of the song

Good night and Good luck

Sunday, May 14, 2006


Have you ever had an experience where you felt connected with your soul? And better yet, was this experience through music?? I have not been much of an appreciator of the truly moving or inspiring nature of music till recently. Always listened to my R&B and the occasional other genre. But lately, I have been more and more.. attracted (wouldn't signify the intesity of the feeling) well ok attracted to music and its ability as a form of art to transport you beyond your boundaries.

I just had one of those moments. Its past 2am I was gonna goto bed but I thought let me listen to one of my all time fave songs, Run by Snow Patrol before I do. Put my headphones on cranked up the volume and closed my eyes and let the music just envelope me. And what I found - what I have been finding lately- is this amazing sense of peace and ability to get in touch with my core being. Now to most of you this might make no sense but its the only way I can express it. Its so POWERFUL and MOVING and it gets past all the daily nuances of life and it touches you. When I first listened to Run, it gave me this feeling of wanting to run in a massive field with my arms wide open and FEELING SO FREE. I went to see the band live last week and it was such an amzing experience - just hearing that song being played at volumes I cant really maange without being called up by the council for noise pollution, and seeing all these people singing it and REALLY BELIEVING. That sense of belief is just so intense at that moment of time that it carries you into this place where you never thought you could go. The emotions that run through you - you feel like crying through happiness or sadness or you feel fulfilled.

Im into alternative & indie rock and I find it helps me get away from the troubles or lack of of life. Maybe you ve felt the same way - you know how easy it is to walk a certain distance if u got ur ipod on and the same distance could seem so tiring if you havent. Thats a minor form of what Im talking about. How it can just envelop you and take you away from pain. physical or otherwise. And sometimes music can express your feelings much better than you EVER can. And for the first time, if someone asks me what Im truly passionate about - I have something to tell them. MUSIC. its the bands that get up there and perform and create songs that flow along from person to person and touches every soul that listens to it. Im passionate about that type of music.

Now im gonna listen to Run one last time, and goto bed.

See if you like it too!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Rambling on..

It has been a significant period since my last entry. The cause for this being life has taken over and I am left with no time for myself. Even when I do have time for myself I am so busy trying to enjoy it that often, I feel I don’t. Anyways, the past couple of weeks since my return from holiday has been quite eventful: I went for a Snow Patrol concert, started working again, have been posted out to some city far away from London so find myself commuting every morning – quite ironic I should think, had a massive argument with a flatmate, and tried (trying) to implement a fitness regime. Not that I’m large or anything but this occasional fat tub of a stomach is really beginning to irritate me. Oh yeah and I attempted to study to become a life coach. But the tutors were pretty lazy in marking the assignments and it was taking too long for me to get feedback so I unenrolled myself and hopefully am on the way to getting my refund. Oh and also, I tried to sell my old digicam on amazon and a dogdy Nigerian is claiming he bought it when amazon does not reflect any signs of a transaction. Very dodgy I must say! But I did buy myself a new digicam. I am now a proud owner of a sony dsc-t7… I’m not very tecchy but I must say this thing takes marvellous pictures!

Oh and the Sultan & The elephant was in London last weekend and I went to see it. Its this massive parade which goes around London for three days. They ve formed this MASSIVE mechanical elephant and the play takes place on it… and the elephant shoots out water! Very fun! But a tiring weekend. Snow Patrol is definitely an amazing band! They have a really big stage presence and when they played ‘Run’ I felt like I was in another realm of existence. I have discovered FINALLY what I’m passionate about! MUSIC! I love alternative & Indie type of music, like say Nada Surf or Embrace or Belle & Sebastian. But Snow Patrol is just up there with the legends. I’m gonna go watch a Goo Goo Dolls concert at the end of the month! Should be good. I love Iris and Slide. But I hear they got a new album out. Must check it out. So what music are you guys into?

Anyways this aint very philosophical since Im at work and Im trying to while away the time without actually doing anything substantial. I ve posted stuff for sale on ebay and am currently trying to manipulate the sale of my straightner! Proving more hasslesome than I feared. Anyways speak to you guys soon! Laters! xx

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Calling against injustice

I wrote this a while back when I was in Sri Lanka, just got around to posting it:

Last night, I watched an Indian movie called ‘Rang De Basanti’ at the cinema with my dad. It was a story about five university students who get channelled to act in a documentary about the legendary independence heroes and eventually end up mirroring the same acts against the corruption that exists in Indian politics nowadays. This movie has caused much controversy in India since its release, with the Indian police requesting the movie to be banned from cinemas. Watching it last night, many feelings arose within me – one of the main being if I was Indian, I would be very proud of my nation right then.

Our independence right now is largely owed to the heroic acts of many Indians – including Mangal Pandey, Baghat Singh, Chandrashekar Azad and Gandhi to name but a few. It is not owed to the Sri Lankan elite such as SWRD Bandaranaike who were mere sycophants to the British rule. When India was in revolt, what were we doing? So how can two populations of people separated merely by a strait be that different? What do the Indians fight for that we can’t? India is a country steeped with cultures, values and traditions. The religions are held with the highest esteem with its followers – so if anyone treads past the religious boundaries they will revolt. Their history and culture are as treasured – if there is a danger to this, they will revolt. What do we have? Buddhist monks entering parliament and revolting against the peace process. So where can the lay Buddhist look for an example as to how to be a true Buddhist? Ours is a system where the rich are rich and the poor very poor; and the politicians exploiting this setup without feeling the need to rectify it. They, come election time, pick at the sore wounds of the poor by emphasising issues of nationalism and religious sovereignty simply to win their vote. When they enter parliament, do they remember the people who put them there? NO. I am speaking words that have echoed since independence so let me return to the topic at hand.

This film follows on from the legend of Mangal Pandey – which was solely based on the British rule – by first presenting the image of the horrific British rule and then drawing parallels with the current political situation in India. The only difference been the guns were ordered to be fired by a white man then and now its one of their own. It reiterates that someone needs to say this is wrong and take a wilful stand against it – or else it will continue. This is most important to us as Sri Lankans. With an imminent war that have been terrorising us for the past 22 years – isn’t it time someone says we wont let you kill our innocent children for your benefit? If the war is necessary for the security of our state, if no other compromise can be reached, then yes these soldiers won’t die in vain. BUT if they are going into battle just to fatten up some man in Colombo’s pockets, then NO that is not okay. We cannot sit by and watch this.

I presume this is what the film asks us to think. That it is not okay what is going on in this world right now and we can take a stand against it. Drawing parallels with the rise against the British rule of the previous century, why don’t Sri Lankans do anything? Are we too scared? Yes. No one wants to stand up against the bad guy. Even me for I sit and write these words and were I to take action, I will be too scared of death to do anything of substance. Perhaps as a nation we are too cowardly to rise up against injustice. Perhaps we are just used to looking to the Indians to provide our independence. Be it from the British or corruption.