Saturday, May 20, 2006

Oh what a night..

Song I'm listening to: Oh what a night!

What a lady what a night!! ...

Currently going on the radio.. must have been out when I was 10 or something. Some classics never fade. Isnt it nice how music is always with you? Friends can grow up, change and move on, countries can leave you or vice versa, but music is always with you. And with music you can cross the boundaries of time. Isn't that a special treat?

Well currently, I have decided to change my life completely. TURN IT ON ITS HEAD. and see what it can deliver. Basically, I ve decided to leave London, go home for 6 months and then move to Sydney to do my masters. Now I am not aware how brilliant this decision is - I guess only time can tell. Sometimes I feel sad, London's my friend, its my home away from home. Such a big city and I can tell you exactly how to get to a place you ask about. I know the bus routes, the tube map has been implanted in my head, the best clubs to goto, the bands that play here, where to get chinese if I want chinese or italian if I want italian food. The broadbands - exactly that - its broadband, its fast, I can download my episodes of my fave tv shows or download music the minute I feel like it. I can order my food or clothes or dvds online and I can sell anything i dont feel like owning anymore. I know where I can goto relax, stroll in the park, where the best starbucks is, its where I went to college, where I had dates, where I got broken hearted, where I met my bestest mates. So why am I leaving?

Well, London tries its hardest to keep me company, but most of the time Im alone. Friends are busy, no family makes me a dull person. Now I wake up late, goto gym and just hang out at home with my flatmates. Ppl have moved away from this city and it just isnt what it used to be. I guess thats part of growing up. So I must go and see what the world has to offer me. Im gonna drive myself insane living at home. Im sure of this. But I get my meals cooked for me, my laundry done without me even realising it, my parents will be there - those are little blessings that I want to enjoy. If I dont enjoy them now, when will I enjoy them again? And I feel this is the best time. Theres nothing to tie me down to London - so must use this time and leave.

And Sydney! A whole new city to explore. And it might not be anywhere near London - but it has the sea. That can counteract any other negativities.

Song Im listening to now: I keep forgetting - by an old band. Thats the name of the song

Good night and Good luck

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Blu~ said...

I've been very bad at blogging lately....for myself and for those on the roll....Glad to see your still around, later...Blu~