Sunday, May 14, 2006


Have you ever had an experience where you felt connected with your soul? And better yet, was this experience through music?? I have not been much of an appreciator of the truly moving or inspiring nature of music till recently. Always listened to my R&B and the occasional other genre. But lately, I have been more and more.. attracted (wouldn't signify the intesity of the feeling) well ok attracted to music and its ability as a form of art to transport you beyond your boundaries.

I just had one of those moments. Its past 2am I was gonna goto bed but I thought let me listen to one of my all time fave songs, Run by Snow Patrol before I do. Put my headphones on cranked up the volume and closed my eyes and let the music just envelope me. And what I found - what I have been finding lately- is this amazing sense of peace and ability to get in touch with my core being. Now to most of you this might make no sense but its the only way I can express it. Its so POWERFUL and MOVING and it gets past all the daily nuances of life and it touches you. When I first listened to Run, it gave me this feeling of wanting to run in a massive field with my arms wide open and FEELING SO FREE. I went to see the band live last week and it was such an amzing experience - just hearing that song being played at volumes I cant really maange without being called up by the council for noise pollution, and seeing all these people singing it and REALLY BELIEVING. That sense of belief is just so intense at that moment of time that it carries you into this place where you never thought you could go. The emotions that run through you - you feel like crying through happiness or sadness or you feel fulfilled.

Im into alternative & indie rock and I find it helps me get away from the troubles or lack of of life. Maybe you ve felt the same way - you know how easy it is to walk a certain distance if u got ur ipod on and the same distance could seem so tiring if you havent. Thats a minor form of what Im talking about. How it can just envelop you and take you away from pain. physical or otherwise. And sometimes music can express your feelings much better than you EVER can. And for the first time, if someone asks me what Im truly passionate about - I have something to tell them. MUSIC. its the bands that get up there and perform and create songs that flow along from person to person and touches every soul that listens to it. Im passionate about that type of music.

Now im gonna listen to Run one last time, and goto bed.

See if you like it too!

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