Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Rambling on..

It has been a significant period since my last entry. The cause for this being life has taken over and I am left with no time for myself. Even when I do have time for myself I am so busy trying to enjoy it that often, I feel I don’t. Anyways, the past couple of weeks since my return from holiday has been quite eventful: I went for a Snow Patrol concert, started working again, have been posted out to some city far away from London so find myself commuting every morning – quite ironic I should think, had a massive argument with a flatmate, and tried (trying) to implement a fitness regime. Not that I’m large or anything but this occasional fat tub of a stomach is really beginning to irritate me. Oh yeah and I attempted to study to become a life coach. But the tutors were pretty lazy in marking the assignments and it was taking too long for me to get feedback so I unenrolled myself and hopefully am on the way to getting my refund. Oh and also, I tried to sell my old digicam on amazon and a dogdy Nigerian is claiming he bought it when amazon does not reflect any signs of a transaction. Very dodgy I must say! But I did buy myself a new digicam. I am now a proud owner of a sony dsc-t7… I’m not very tecchy but I must say this thing takes marvellous pictures!

Oh and the Sultan & The elephant was in London last weekend and I went to see it. Its this massive parade which goes around London for three days. They ve formed this MASSIVE mechanical elephant and the play takes place on it… and the elephant shoots out water! Very fun! But a tiring weekend. Snow Patrol is definitely an amazing band! They have a really big stage presence and when they played ‘Run’ I felt like I was in another realm of existence. I have discovered FINALLY what I’m passionate about! MUSIC! I love alternative & Indie type of music, like say Nada Surf or Embrace or Belle & Sebastian. But Snow Patrol is just up there with the legends. I’m gonna go watch a Goo Goo Dolls concert at the end of the month! Should be good. I love Iris and Slide. But I hear they got a new album out. Must check it out. So what music are you guys into?

Anyways this aint very philosophical since Im at work and Im trying to while away the time without actually doing anything substantial. I ve posted stuff for sale on ebay and am currently trying to manipulate the sale of my straightner! Proving more hasslesome than I feared. Anyways speak to you guys soon! Laters! xx

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N said...

Excellent, another Snow Patrol fan!! Though you don't appear quite as obsessive as me...which of course is a good thing! :)