Monday, August 04, 2008

When Fools Become Leaders...

When fools become leaders,

* They print billions of extra money to stuff in their red scarves..

* They plunge a country into inflation of 28%

* They piss off our rather large neighbouring nations through deception

* They appoint their nearest and dearest as ambassadors.. ignoring that they are farmers

* They organise a summit when it isnt their turn

* They spend LKR 3BN on summit whilst the people get thrown out of their homes

* They close roads so they can travel around in peace and the people get stuck in jams for hours

* They warmonger amongst the villagers and use that ignorance to their advantage

* They attack anyone who cares to tell the truth

* They appoint thugs as ministers and minsters progeny wander around waving guns (see Mervyn Silva)

* They take the country, wring its neck, get as much as they can and throw it out.

Its distasteful. Its dispicable and its disgusting.

It starts with an M.


josua M said...

and also,
*They interpret what they do is the right thing to the general public

*They say same false again and again till it seems like truth

TheWhacksteR said...

* the manipulate elections and win through skullduggery (see eastern province).

They are dangerous fools

Rine said...

definetely agree... its just ridiculous!

Foxhound said...

What to do? Politicians... will they ever change?

I don't think theirs anything foolish about it though. They just don't really care.

Rine said...

I think Power combined with Stupidity is the most dangerous combination. And they seem to have it.