Thursday, August 21, 2008

Siestas, Lazy Days..

A lazy Sunday, a cool beer at the beach, read a book on a hammock whilst the sea breeze rushes through your hair, a good crab curry for lunch, a dip in the ocean...

Hmmm... what luxuries Sri Lanka provides!!! Isn't that fantastic? We have it all right at our feet. If just managed properly, this place really is Paradise. If its like this when not managed properly imagine what it would be with a booming economy?

I'm so glad to start working in Sri Lanka. After so many years of living abroad, it feels fantastic. To be able to afford any cuisine that I wish for at any point, to access the beach at any time, to smell the rain falling on the Earth. That smell.. do you know what I speak of? You can't find it anywhere in the world I'm sure. Just in the Sri Lankan soil.

With green hills, fresh strawberries and cream available in the Hill country and plenty of relics for the culturally inclined, its more than a shame its a tragedy that Sri Lanka has faced so much turmoil.

I'm glad to be back and I'm glad I can look forward for at least a year here. Sri Lankans always survive. These are the things that makes me proud to be Sri Lankan.

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realskullzero said...

yeah...true..i couldn't agree more...