Saturday, September 02, 2006

Off on our merry way..

I find that over the past few weeks, where I couldn't blog so frequently - partially bc my mind was full of problems and partially because there were too many things I needed to write about, I just kept away. Forgive me if this particular entry will be a bit mish mashed but here are the the topics that have been entering my head and yearning for expression during the odd days of staring at the Thames, feeling lonely, travelling the tube and so on and so forth.

1) Why do we blog? For me, it is this new world where I can express the thoughts that would find no audience anywhere in my physical reality. Be it about relationships, a song or the current oil situation! It also provides anonymity where judgment is ignored and acceptance is key. We all share no relation to each other except we enjoy reading each others writing and feel a sense of empathy or sympathy to situations. It is a world where we are FREE to be who we want to be! Where our deepest fears can be exposed and our strongest desires expressed. So, if you really want someone to know you - would you give them your blog URL? Has anyone done that? It would be the best way, I feel, for my significant other to really know me but at the same time, how can I let someone into this world? Would it not completely reduce its purpose after that? Will I still be free to write everything I feel or would I be too busy censuring my thoughts?

2) Relationships: Half my problems in the past has been this deep rooted feeling that 'there is MORE out there than this', that there has to be. All the hype about relationships provided to us from a young age through Disney Fairytales then TV soaps and movies and books - takes a seat within us. We plan fairytale weddings and wait for Prince Charming. Then, we grow up and reality affords us a far harsher view. So a relationship really isnt about fireworks (I got accustomed to that idea around 10 years ago) but is it just about putting up with each other? Surely, there has to be more - the enjoyment of ones company, the ability to get to know each other, appreciating ones differences, being partners! Those things are not what 'Sleeping Beauty' taught us but surely they are as wonderful! What is more beautiful than a couple thats been married for 60 years??

Here's a toast hoping that we all find what we are looking for! in SEPTEMBER!!! :D


Jennet said...

You commented on my journal, thank you for your kind words!

Do you mind if I ask how you found me?

Also, what you said -- "Underlining all this the pure statement that, the ultimate battle between love and tragedy results in hope to those trapped between. And that hope stems from the love for life."

I loved this it is so true :)


jetblossom said...

Hi again rane, glad you're still here.
you know, sometimes I have the opposite problem with my blog. Too many of my relatives or friends that I know read it, so I feel I can't express some of those 'real problems' that occupy my brain. (And I am having some real confusions right now.)
So I actually turned to my 'private,' handwritten journal the other day. I couldn't bare to say some of these private things to people who know me and my situation, or think they do.
Any thoughts?

Rane said...


Thank you for your nice comments!

Jennet: I was just browsing through and happened to come across your journal with that post which definitely took my attention!


I definitely understand how u feel. I was thinkin the other day if my guy read this blog, he would understand how I feel but at the same time, it ll be too blunt to see my emotions that arent camouflaged into something less! I dont know if I make any sense. It sets you free but at the same time, it doesn't give up any answers to problems does it!

Blu~ said...

I want more than anything to be with what I have already found. True Love. But she is so far away. It hurts sometimes doesn't it? Well, I believe you when you say that september will be a grand month for all. I hope it rains all over my parade, later...