Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Back in Sunny Sri Lanka

Packed my bags, shipped my stuff and left rainy London on Tuesday!

Back in Sri Lanka and enjoying a re-holiday since my last stint here was ruined by troubles with the bf. Now, I'm free. No more waiting for texts, no more feeling crap.. its an unbelievable feeling of freedom. And a week on, there's no pain in the heart. Even if I dream of him and wake up - NOTHING. Just goes to show my mind/heart far capable than I thought.

I've been reading a book called 'The Zahir' by Paul Coelho. I love his books. They are very inspiring and spiritual. He speaks of many truth s that either we forgoe as we go through daily life or choose to ignore every day! For instance, love and how we expect it to mold into this form that we expect instead of accepting that love is a greater force that will not be molded and that we should accept as it is!

Anyways, everythings been giving me great strength.

I'm here for two weeks and then off to Aussie land! Going to Perth first and then Melbourne and Sydney. Can't wait to hit the beaches. They are having their Spring now so that means, I would evade Winter for a good year before I have to encounter the cold!

Hope everythings well... I'll keep updating the blog with my travels!

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