Saturday, September 16, 2006

An Inconvenient Truth

This masterpiece of a documentary hits the arrow right on the target so precisely that you won't leave the cinema unchanged.

Al Gore is both an excellent communicator who effortlessly transfers his passion and commitment to this cause to us, the viewers. A man that can take up something as profitless as climate change and perform 1000+ slideshow presentations throughout the world with only a single goal in mind is rare to find. Especially one that has run for the President of the United States. With the current era of politicians harnessing war energy rather than green energy, it is refreshing to find one with a TRUE cause. A JUST cause. And a cause THAT NEEDS TO BE BROUGHT INTO OUR ATTENTION.

We need to see this documentary. We need to take action! We need to be jolted into action like Mr. Gore says at one point - because this change in climate has been approaching us steadily but now we feel its effects. Through our actions, we have raised global temperatures higher than they have been for 650,000 YEARS!! We are emitting an ALL TIME high of CO2. We are burning fossil fuels at a rate that has never been matched and its all going to keep increasing with China and other developing countries joining into the madness.

The United States still has not ratified the Kyoto Agreement 2000 to cut down carbon emissions. United States is the LAST nation to have fuel efficient cars. China has new coal reserves that as its cheap its gonna keep burning - come hell or high water!

WE NEED TO MAKE A CHANGE. Before the ice caps melt for good thus submerging the world in such a way that the atlas has to be redrawn! I can only state these small facts when there are so much more issues at hand! We have to make a change in what we are doing or come another twenty years and we won't have a world like we have now.

We owe it to ourselves. We owe it to our children. We owe it to our planet!

PLS go see An Inconvenient Truth!

Sign the petitions to lobby the govts to taking action!

Change how we live!


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