Monday, July 14, 2008

Opinion Poll - Conflict Resolution Effective Methods

We see a lot of NGOs and other organisations start up in the name of Conflict Resolution here in Sri Lanka. However, 25 years on, we still have a war and a conflict worse than ever before. Under an incompetent leadership, we face a severe economic struggle with no respite in the near future. A large percentage of the budget of this developing nation goes on war expenses thus allows no space for economic growth. In fact, we are at an economic recession. The rupee has no value amongst the world currencies. The people can't afford a daily meal.

Last week's general strike's failure to evoke a response from the public shows something fundamentally wrong in this system. The people who needs to be targeted in order to stop this war are not being targetted. The grassroots carry on as before merely complaining about the cost of living issues but not rising to action. They may not be aware that this cost of living rises out of incompetent leadership however may believe that it is the cause of the unsuspecting tamil population taking their jobs.

I personally believe that conflict resolution begins with educating the masses. The politicians only visit the villages at times of election. Then, they fill them with lies and extort their vote. The NGOs only preach to the choir. The state media is biased and journalists that do speak the truth are been hunted down.

In this light, what do you feel is the best method for conflict resolution to be succesful? Who should we be targetting? In what methods?

For e.g. utilising the fact that Sri Lankans have a very high literacy rate and distributing pamphlets at bus stations, railway stations, cafeterias.

Pls comment! Moderation is what is needed and pls no extremism. Thanks!

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