Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Journey

One of my first aquaintances in this blogging world has given up his blog and gone off to the land of MySpace. Ever since my return after the long hiatus, I have felt his and my other original blogrends presence to a large extent. This made me want to track the journey that I have made with this blog since 2006.

I am not a constant blogger. I have to feel an inspiration on a subject before I write a post. Else I will ramble on unnecessarily. There are several such posts on this blog through the past few years. More often than not, I get an urge to write about a topic and I write about it, probably why my posts are usually quite short and to the point. (As i like to think). I think like most other bloggers, I return to the blog to find comments that may have been made on my most recent post and to read others' posts which then inspire me to write further.

I started this blog as a means to jot down my thoughts. It served its purpose to a greater level. It allowed me to vent my thoughts on most subjects - love, life, politics, anger, travel - all my feelings on any subject I pleased. This is not a hugely trafficked blog however the few bloggers that did come in and read my posts, hopefully enjoyed them and wrote down their thoughts in the comments areas. My friend blu was a great participant! I think he inspired a lot of newbie bloggers and many others by encouraging our blogging attempts. I miss his presence sorely. I hope he would have enjoyed my Harry Potter rant! :)

I want to use this blog as a means to encourage people to live their lives and as a means to draw international attention to the goings on of my country. As with life, this blog has changed as I have changed. Its shared my successes and my pitfalls just as a close friend would. I hope I will be able to continue in this manner and would be able to find other great friends like Blu in this large blogosphere.

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