Friday, November 03, 2006


Olrite ppl.. Here I go, withstanding the complete writer's block that I have been complaining about I decided to just sit down and write whatever I can possibly think about. From the length of that sentence, you can see that I'm still trying to think and therefore trying to elongate the sentences.

I've been chilling out in Melbourne for the past few weeks. Life's very slow paced here and I've been having some serious homesickness. Thus the previous London entry. Its just that, ever since I was small I've loved historical cities - Paris, Rome, London - you can see these cities have survived harsh times and spurted out great people. The buildings with its ancient stones, large streets, cobbled pavements mixed with the latest metropolitan lifestyles adds a lot of spark to a city. This is lacking in Australia since its such a new country. Melbourne the city has a grid like structure and they are developing it continuously so it has loads of skyscrapers coming about. But I feel it just lacks that spark I so desire in a city. I always considered London, the tube, its roads and its buildings to be my friends and no matter how crappy life can get there - the city is just amazing.

On a better scale (so as not to put off any further visitors to Melbourne), it does have amazing beaches. The ppl have such an easy lifestyle - I think Americans might be more used to this than Brits - where everything has its own pace. Ppl are incredibly friendly - I had a nice chat with a lady at the busstop yesterday about a dress she saw in a magazine which she planned to buy - this will never happen in London. People mind their own business. But here, people acknowledge each other as people. Not as some block in the way of you getting to where you have to be. I have not felt lonely for a single minute here in Aussie land even if I was walking alone in the city. Although, sometimes it will be nice if people didn't stare too much. At first, I was a bit suspicious why they were being so friendly but now I just realise its their way.

I'm off to Sydney on the 17th which should be nice since its meant to be far more metropolitan and water based than Melbourne. So I shall let you all know how that goes.

Other than that, life is super duper! I seem to have broken my writer's block and I'm going to go eat more nice yummy food!

Till next time...


PS. I just read one of my posts from March I think- the friend I spoke of that left me, actually did come back and although we never did get the romance part of it going he is now one of my bestest friends and Im so glad he's in my life. It just all works out for the best doesnt it?! :D


Blu said...

I'm glad to hear the block is broken...or should i say cobbled, hehehe...I love the way you speak of home Rane...Thats how eveyone should feel about home, unfortunately they do not and many are never happy with whatever or wherever they have, did that make sense...? I have had some strange home like sickness lately but a bit on the opposite side of things, I'll explain in a post later4 but for now i just wanted to say have a great time in Sydney, later...

jetblossom said...

You're back! Yay for us!!
What are you doing there? Working, vacationing, living on the street? All of the above?

What do people stare for? It sounds interesting. I get stared at all the time, but I think that's different. A guy actually stopped his car yesterday and said, out loud, to himself in Japanese, 'Well, I'll be damned, a foreigner!'

Talk it easy, rane

Rane said...

Hi Blu!

Thanks for the support!! Knowin I have at least one constant reader is lurvely!! I know what u mean abt some ppl never being happy - im striving hard not to be one of those ppl! but thats another post!!


We might have broken the writers block together..:D
Im vacationing currently and seeing if I'd like to live here permanently! I have nooo clue why people stare! I think its their nature! You'll find that even if you travel to asian cities.