Thursday, November 16, 2006

An old fashioned RANT

This is going to be a post just to get rid of all the things that are annoying me today OUT of my system to stop it further corroding my brain processes!

So, first thing that annoyed me potentially was this:

Im currently staying at my cousin's in Melbourne and apart from my cousin and me, there lives her husband, her 2 yr old baby and her husband's 20 yr old cousin. NOTE: IM 22 going on 23 veeery soon. Anyhow.. this dude has been acting too big for his boots during my stay but I try to be polite - he is perpetually saying things that kind of creeps me out (for eg. when do you plan to get married? like hello! ARGH so infuriating - even if I get married tomorrow, I sure as hell aint marrying him!!!) So, after a week or so of just trying to ignore his presence, I've been feeling bad so I've managed to put up the basic conversation of late and I was actually thinking maybe I totally misjudged his intentions (so to speak) - and then today I get a call from him when I was with my cousins asking me to not say a word to them and whether I'd like to go to a movie with him. I was like errrr.... no, thanks. And I definitely told my cuz about this! I mean it was CREEPY!!! Being the shallow being that I am, if he was decent looking, I would not have minded so much - but he's just so the opposite of what I'll ever find attractive and even more, his personality is an even bigger turn off!! So I've just been feeling really annoyed/irritated/awkward about it! So when he comes home, I try not to talk to him and keep out of his way - I mean, poor dude after all he did get shunned. but the ass comes and asks me if I'm mad at him and blah blah and I'm just like PLSSSS leave me be!! This is all because I'm leaving to Sydney tomorrow.


This is more saddening than annoying at all! My mate who I spoke of a few posts back (the one that broke up with the boyfriend because he wasn't appreciating her enough) well the boyfriend was an equally good friend of mine - More like a brother really and she started getting anal that he and I were friends after him and her breaking up, so I decided to stay away from them ALL for the past year. But I found out today that his mum had died TWO months ago and I had no idea!!! She's been having lung + brain cancer for a few years now and the last I heard was that she was doing a bit better. I felt as if my whole being sank when I heard it today. He is as close to his mum as I am to mine and I can imagine how his entire being must have just fallen apart after that. I hope he's strong. My prayers are with his family. This just makes me FURIOUS at my mate. Who can't put PETTYNESS behind her even in times like this and just TELL me that a friend's mum had died especially since the reason I stayed away was because of HER in the first place!!! I'm going to email him and explain how I had no idea and hopefully since he knows me he will know I'm telling the truth. I just feel rubbish. Like I'm a completely rubbish friend.


I told you all how I've started a lifecoaching course. Well, as part of starting up the business I gotta get some clients to do trial sessions with me and perhaps sign up for long term coaching. I put up some adverts and this lady emailed me and I spent a good two days emailing her real long emails, going through her problems with her, structuring how our coaching would work and I geniunely wanted to help her! I was even going to waive the fees then she sends me this real rude email about how she is a life coach too and how she didn;'t tell me about it and how she can train me and the only way she'll pay me is if I coach her well enough to get her to her goals and if she thinks its satisfactory then, I'll get my pay. I'm so INFURIATED at the fact that she just LIED to me, wasted my time and efforts and I feel used! In the sense that, when I was answering questions so openly and honestly for her, she was using it to assess my worth as a coach!! This made me even want to stop coaching all together but then I thought, if I do that, I'll be letting her and other like minded lunatics like her win. SO, I'm going to keep trying to become a better coach. I will use this experience as just that, experience. So if any of you know anyone who would liked to be coached, pls send them my way!

All in all, I just feel like screaming out at the top of my lungs!!!! PEOPLE are so INFURIATING. They are so narrow minded, petty, rude or harsh OR have completely lost the plot like the one in my first problem.

I feel all the more better after writing all this. I can really see the therapeutic value of a blog now. I apologise if I scared any of you off!!

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Blu said...

You know how I feel about ranting and my blog because I do it often and as a matter of fact did it severely the other day regarding some personal things that went a lil too far. I won't go into details here. i'm glad you were able to get things off your chest a bit because it can make the world of difference...Take great care of yourself Rane, keepem' coming...