Wednesday, November 22, 2006

An Ode to Pain

I have been suffering for a good 20 hours now with some serious abdominal pain. I feel like my intestines in my upper and lower right regions are being twisted and poked with needles. Trust me, its MOST painful and I have NOO idea why. I keep thinking its appendicitis but then it doesn't sit well with the rest of the appendicitis symptoms. Even when I sleep I either have to turn sideways and curl up into a foetal position and the last I tried, even that didnt take the pain away. So in utter agony, I tried to take the positive thinking and praying approach and lucky for me, the pain has now slowly subsided. Its still giving me some serious wave cramp pains but its not much compared to what I had before.

So I thought, we never appreciate how utterly PAINLESS our day to day existence (physically) is till something like this happens. I look at the left hadn side of my abdomen and its so peaceful, no pain. But the right hand side is just like a squirming snake. Now that the pain is slightly receding I thought I'd write a little something to celebrate the existence of opposites so we can appreciate them more.

Without bad luck, we will never appreciate good luck,
Without ill health, we will never appreciate wellness
Without poverty, we cannot appreciate wealth
Without hate, we cannot appreciate love
Without sorrow, we cannot appreciate joy
Without death, we cannot appreciate life

If my blessings hold on and the pain recedes into nothing... I promise from here on to take better care of my body and appreciate every day I have with great health

I wish you all the same!

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Blu~ said...

I love this sooo much and can relate everyday of my life. I am now going to steal this post and link it back to you so I hope you don't mind...

I hope you feel better too...