Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Last leg of Aussie tour..

I am finally on my last week of the Aussie tour. It has been thoroughly enjoyable and most challenging! Sydney is BEAUTIFUL!!! When I landed, I was actually awe-struck (I never get awe struck btw not even by London since Im too busy trying to spot all the buildings I work/live/socialise in) - but this was just beautiful! It was like a postcard.. The harbour, the boats, the gorgeous houses with swim pools facing the harbour. STUNNING!

But then calamity struck me once I landed in several ways which I don't wanna go into but it got me thinking, Sydney is beautiful but if I choose it as the city to live in - I might end up in the same situation as I did in London. A gorgeous city but too expensive to fully enjoy and alone again. I got family here but its nothing like the one I got in Melbourne - these ppl are too conservative and old fashioned (with really good hearts tho) but the ones in Melb are closer to me as I grew up with them, they are closer to my age and know that sometimes a girl's gotta wake up at noon, gotta forget to clean her room and gotta GET OUT OF THE HOUSE!!! After all I'm 23 and not 12 so I don't need people that aren't my parents, parenting me! And after been in London by myself - I am REALLY not used to ANYONE parenting me or trying to baby me. It just irritates me so I've been irritated most days this past few weeks.

Also, I wanna get a house and a car so it might just be too expensive in Sydney to do this. Although its so beautiful and I wish I could start calling it home - I don't want to start making the same mistake again. WHOOSH calamity strikes!

Otherwise, I'm finally leaving pretty Australia and heading back to Sri Lanka on Sunday. Am totally looking forward to going back home (something I haven't felt in two years probably because London was more my home than SL was). I'll be off to India on the last week of December so more flying to do!!!

Stay tuned for more inspiring posts!


Blu~ said...

Calamity, eeewwwwwww...!!!!! I hate that word.

I am sorry about this ill feeling over the last few weeks, they don't make for as good as post cards as complete and total bliss b ut the truth is always better and much more interesting.

You have been on the go sooo much that you have barely been able to sit back and soak much of it in. Now when you return you will be able to process it all on your own time and at your own pace...

Good Luck Rane, rootin' for ya'

jetblossom said...

Where are ya, Rane? Happy holidays out yonder, wherever you may be!!

Blublood said...

Hello? Are you there? Is there anybody in there? Please come home for christmas...