Friday, October 06, 2006

Happy Weekend!!

Happy weekend to aaaaalll!!!!

Im off to Perth on Sunday and I begin my long awaited travels in Australia. I'm totally excited. So far, my mates there have planned a week of whalewatching, sunsets over the sea, stargazin (don't ask!), beach tanning, aqwa (their underwater world) and zoo trips. Not to mention, I'll have to acquaint myself with Australian High Street brands - I am going to miss Topshop etc badly!!!

Well here's to longawaited new beginnings!!!!

Wish everyone an equally eventful week ahead... I shall keep the blog updated on my travels.

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Blu~ said...

Hey Rane, I had no idea that you had updated, damn it...!!!! My blogroll thingy that tells me when people have updated is broken...Time to get a new blogroll thingy. I am happy and jealous and a bunch of other stuff I shouldn't say over the internet about your travels to Aussie country. I am really happy for you and really wish I could join you.

You be careful out there and above all have fun and take lotrs of pictures.

I see that you switched over to Blogger Beta, I want to but I haven't seen the little button on my dashboard yet, hmmmmm? Maybe one day. I can help with template stuff whenever I get back from my trip and I guess from when you get back from yours...

Anyway, have a wonderful time Rane...