Sunday, October 22, 2006

From Melbourne, Australia, Earth

Australia has been a welcome respite from the existential crisis I was suffering in the previous months. It has helped old wounds heal and unnecessary memories to be forgotten. I have been given a new purpose and the ability to forget the ambiguity of the past few months.

Looking back on them, I no longer feel any strong emotion towards them or the people that made them happy (specifically one). I just wish to move on - start a life and excel at it. Being around a 2 year old does help significantly (especially if its not your own)! You get to see the simplicity of life and the excitement with which it should be recieved. I'm not saying we all start our days screaming with joy but just appreciate that this is a new day and we have the chance to start over. And we all have the world as our oyster.

I've been feeling the need for a metropolitan hub since leaving London. I was merely fooling myself thinking I could lead a suburban life and be happy with just a local cafe in a 4 mile radius and that only opening on normal opening hours. I need that access at all times kinda feeling in the place I live in. Sydney may be more catered to that sort of life and Melbourne is a lot like that as well. One day, I hope I can live in NY too. Its very close to London but I hear its a lot dirtier :D

I'm continuing with my life coaching course. I think it'll give me enough tools to try get to my goals as well as an opportunity to help others. I have to do a Masters starting from Feb in a finance related subject since I think thats the best possible job preference for me. I have this unexplainable attraction towards commodity pricing and real estate. Odd.

Well Im off to do some living..

Speak soon!!

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Blu~ said...

I have been given a new purpose and the ability to forget the ambiguity...I love that saying there Rane...!!!

Did you know that oysters are a natural aphrodisiac, YEP, they are so live it up and I can't wait for more postcards from the edge, enjoy yourself my wayward friend...