Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Driving you insane!

On my morning drives to work, I've noticed one major result of the one way road system. Any semblance of order that prevailed in our roads have disintegrated. 

Never are there straight lanes, there are just cars randomly packed together. If a small gap opens, someone turns the wheel in order to get into that space. Defying any geometrical principle that states that going from A to B in a zig zag manner will be less productive than just going straight. (Whatever that principle maybe!). 

Lest the traffic eases up and people are able to drive at a reasonable speed, they completely ignore the brake. We see a car trying to enter from a bylane, we swerve or speed up. We see a car trying to overtake, we swerve. We see a bus hurtling at us at 90mph, we swerve. God forbid if there's a car on the other side trying to overtake. Well, that car will swerve too.

Sri Lankan roads have never been the epitome of orderly traffic. But ever since the one way system was introduced, people seem to have gotten that much out of control! I used to drive but since 2006/7 I have resorted to cabbing it places since 1) a car is way too expensive to buy with 300% tax 2) the checkpoints make it unsafe for a girl to drive in the night 3) the traffic is manic. 

So I am that backseat driver who tries to brake using her imaginary brake. Trust me, Ive been braking more with my imaginary brake than I did when I was using the real thing!

What is wrong with us?!

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DeeCee said...

Indiscipline and a VERY easy driver's test is my guess...