Saturday, January 31, 2009


So I've decided I completely need direction. I don't like the direction of my life right now. I mean. warming a chair and staring at a screen for nine hours every day for five days a week can get you a bit dull. And morose.

Career choices continue to be the bane of my existance and I really don't know what to do with myself! I'm in Finance, I studied Science, I would very much love to dabble in journalism/creative writing/politics. 

But that would be a waste of my degree because for further study, I would still like to gain lots of letters after my name that involve the Sciences. A BA in Journalism won't sit well with me because for me education doesn't come free and therefore if I must go abroad and pay for it, I want it to be something that I'm completely certain I want to study about and thats Science. 

But what do I want to do everyday? I'd love to work at a magazine. Not these His and Hellos and Toodles we have in SL but a proper international magazine. It just seems so creative and flourishing (not to mention glamourous but that may just be my perception of Ugly Betty world). Or write a book.

I would love to try journalism in Sri Lanka but of course the threat of Dementors flocking down on me and sucking my soul out is of course an occupational hazard that may deter me from doing so (anonymously I will continue to yell out my opinions here). 

I don't know. Would have really thought I'd have figured this shit out by now! 

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