Monday, February 12, 2007

VD Day :p

Sorry for the morbidity! As VDay approaches, I am happily in my little cocoon of solitude - reading books, watching past OC/OTH episodes and trotting around Sri Lanka. I just thought I'll epitomise the feelings of all singletons by this little post.

Surprisingly, I currently don't feel any sadness or emptyness for not having a significant other during this time of year. The sloppy adverts on tv simply waste my time and I get to see the commercial side of an event that perhaps went unnoticed a year or so ago. I watched a movie recently, that kind of reminded me of the ex. However, instead of feeling sad and wanting him back it just made me want to run away from any guy I might potentially like and potentially likes me. I don't see the point of entering into these situations when it comes without doubt that they will entail some serious painful times.

Yes, the eternal optimist in you is screaming out at me - but thats the whole point! Yes, it is. But I would rather spend my time being unattached, without worrying why someone hasn't called me, not wanting to see anyone and have them not wanting to see me, or missing someone even when they are sitting right next to me. The whole concept of growing old with someone and having that support as you grow older and a little bouts of osteoporosis sets in does matter but then you have to deal with that attachment. Attachment leads to all sorts of chaos. What if that person passes away before you after 30 years of marriage? Then you're left with an emptyness that noone could possibly fill within you. Or not. I have no idea!!

Anyways, this year my plan is to finally concentrate on my career. Get myself strong enough to fight the corporate rat race from June. Sort myself out.

Disattachment is the key; but for those who have someone loving and who you love equally back - Congratulations with all my heart!! And I wish you a Happy Sappy Valentine's Day!


Darwin said...

That's a funny pic! Not a V-day fan and doubt I ever will be. Cynicism and laziness are not a good combo for Hallmark.

And yeah I get what you mean about relationships and all that jazz. Life is messy enough as it is without the need to complicate it further. The eternal optimist does not exist within me:D

Blublood said...

I say to you my lovely Rane, Happy Valentine's Day as it is deserved by everyone, even the bloody massicists that created it....

Rane said...

Happy Valentines Day to all!

Darwin, you have a completely similar viewpoint to me! hah, happy singles awareness day!

Blu, Happy Happy Valentines Day to you too! Hope you had a pretty day filledd with lots of love


S said...

Hey lady!

Thanks for stopping by. Your posts about Great Dover St, London and Oz resonate with me as I've been through all those places in the past year (my sister being the one at GKT, me being the chump who helped her move in).

Hope to be reading more of you as time goes by :)