Friday, February 16, 2007


'Could fulfillment ever be felt as deeply as loss?' - asks Kiran Desai in her novel 'Inheritance of Loss', triggering off a thought trend of my own.

We feel loss to the core of our being to the point where we can immerse and lose ourselves within that loss. Where it becomes all consuming and we fail to acknowledge logic or reason. We fail to see reality and the notion that come what may, we will survive. This feeling will last for minutes (least) and years (at the most)

Could we ever feel fulfillment that - fully? (for the lack of a better word?) Could the happiness you derive from having one you love acknowledge their love for you, or the happiness you experience when you get that call offering you your ideal job - ever be felt so completely as you would the sadness of unrequited love or failure? As a species, are we completely immersed in our sorrows that happiness is merely a gap between two sorrows?

We are told by various books, movies, art to live in the moment. Our inability to live in the present without wandering off into the past or future may be the reason behind our elongated sorrows and fleeting happiness. Funnily enough, the one that we should let engulf us is the one we view as fleeting. And perhaps this is because we don't experience it as fully as we should. We don't scream out in happiness when we should for fear the public might think us odd however we never fail to quietly cry when the sorrow becomes too much for us to handle - forgetting who's watching.

Thats it for my ramblings.. Let me know your thoughts!


Blublood said...

I say to "Just Live".......

Darwin said...

Happiness is the gap between two sorrows as is sorrow a gap between two happinesses. Looking at it any other way would result in the bias known as optimism and pesimism. True realism comes from knowing that neither state is permanent and will inevitably be followed by the other.

Pessimism: The glass is half empty.
Optimism: The glass is half full.
Realism: Just drink it!

Rane said...


blu: yep we do end up jus livin dont we!

darwin: i see the glass as half empty just visually in reality but usually i just enjoy the drink! unless its horrid tasting!