Sunday, February 18, 2007

Common Cold - bah

I ve been a perpetual sufferer of the common cold - fondly known as the 'cold' all around the world - and its amazing how this virus mutates itself so that it finds new innovative ways of annoying me the moment I think I know it!

I won't go into deep details - otherwise gory, but its just so irritating when I finally think I know how to deal with this cold and how it'll pass, it mutates and starts attacking in a different manner. For the past three years, if I got it, it stays for three days - the middle day being right bad and me sniffling through the minutes and then it goes away. Now, its mutated version being it irritates my nose bed in the middle of the night for around 5 hours and goes away in the morning thus leaving me without sleep and very very annoyed!

For all the advancements of science, I wish they could find a way to eradicate this bug once and for all! Not to say that this deserves more confidence than a cure for cancer or HIV.

Hachchoo, Ill be back soon!

1 comment:

Blublood said...

I just got over being so incredibly sick. It sucked bc it lasted a month on and off....

It will pass I promise...