Tuesday, January 16, 2007

HAPPY NEW YEAR.. N dont go away

Hi all!!

Im sorry I havent posted in so long but its such a mission to load blogger on this network connection!!

HAPPY new year to all.. again! and hope you all had a great start to the New Year!

So far, mine has been good - nothing spectacular but no hassles or worries and life seems to be going decently well! Thank God!

My trip to India was lovely! I enjoyed it immensely. Travelled to Chennai, Bangalore and to a town outside of Bangalore. To see the Indian people, their way of life, the pace at which the country is developing, the sense of culture - it just fills you up inside! And the food is yummy! Of course, I didnt drink the water - mineral water all the way. But the rest of the world better take note: India is definitely stepping up!

This isnt going to be a large post... i will write soon but pls keep reading me and dont go away!


Blublood said...

If you only knew how jealous you make me with your travels. I think you should make a gracve effort to write more though because the travels alone could reflect so much more about Rane that we still want to know about, whatcha think? Hmmmm? theres an idea....

See ya' soon...


Rane said...

Hey blu!

Yep your rite! I'm def gonna make the effort to write more- jus the crappy net connection and the million n one things i gotta b doing comes between me n my writing!

but ok: new years resolution to write more!! im also headin off to london this week for a week yay!