Sunday, January 21, 2007

Travelling On...

As Blu recommended in a comment to my last post, I'm going to try make the extra effort, to write more in my blog this year!

Starting on, I don't think I said enough about my India trip! So let me elaborate:

I decided to escape the drunken New Year's Eve shananigans in Sri Lanka by heading off to India for the week of 26th-3rd Dec! What a marvellous decision this was! My mum and I went to Chennai (previously known as Madras) first. This is the capital of the South Indian province of Tamil Nadu. Its by the sea however Indian seashore's (apart from Goa) have to be taken with a pinch of salt. There is such a difference between India and Sri Lanka that even uptill now I really cant put my finger on it.

Sri Lankans are more westernised, the roads are full of BMWs and Mercs as well as the huge buses that drive like there's no tomorrow (which is the case for some of the ill fated passengers), there's a more greener, cleaner outlook to Sri Lanka. However, India is such a hub of activity, the people all dress similarly : men - moustache, shirt untucked and trousers and chappels (flip flops), women- sari or salwar. The roads are more chaotic but its a chaos which has an order behind it. The Sri Lankan roads are chaotic solely because the driver behind the wheel has no care in the world other than gettin to the place he is meant to be - no notion of courtesy or such. Indian roads are chaotic yet the people are civil, dusty yet cool, brown yet colourful. Its truly a treat for the senses

I found I enjoyed my trip to India more than I did my one to Aussie. The books are so much cheaper and what a huge number of LARGE bookshops there are! The saris are so beautiful. The food just delicious! India really impressed me this time around - I have been there around 20 times since I was 5 yrs old seen that Sri Lanka and India are neighbours but never was I largely taken up by India than I was this time.

However, you see a country that has developed and is developing at a fast pace.. however, the people are being left behind. They are going at a slower pace than the economy. A fraction of the population now have the capability to work in multinational firms that the Indian economy attracts however, those that do not (such as the large percentage of the population that lives in rural India) gets left behind. So there are many ironies and descrepancies that needs to be sorted out before India really hits the level of a developed nation. But it truly is a nation to be reckoned with!

I strongly urge everyone to visit there..

Im off to London for a week on Wednesday for a job interview so pls pray for me and wish me luck!!

Speak soon xxx

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Thata Girl!!! Like McDonald's I'm lovin' it!!!

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