Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Internet Savvy

So.. I've been spending my holiday trying to learn new things. Partially due to an imposing boredom due to the Sri Lankan government being more anal than most other governments having imposed a $750 levy per half hour imported program that is shown on local television! Now this my friends is a hilarious state of affairs as people are being deprived of their fundamental right of access to knowledge. So as most TV stations - other than the very resilient of them - can't afford to run their business with levies such as this, have given up on their regular half an hour programs such as 'Friends', 'Two and a Half Men' as well as the one hour programs (which are charged a levy of $1000 PER airing - so even re runs get charged) such as 'OC', 'ER' and now just air CNN or Singaporean news TWENTY FOUR SEVEN.

Now I'm all for learning about the world and its economy and its battles. However, to be forced to do so for pure lack of other entertainment is surely a violation of some sort of human right. Such is the sad state of affairs in some nations.

Anyways, I detract so due to this lack of entertainment, I've been trying to set up my online business and therefore its website. I tried messing around with the html in this blog and for around 10 minutes the entire blog disappeared! Was most disconcerting! But I'm learning. So what's my business? Take a look if you so wish:

Since I love the Maldives so and I feel I know bucket loads about it, I thought I might as well capitalise on this information and help others who are not so Maldives savvy! But so far no business. Its a crap site Im trying to get some professional help now. If any of you out there are web designers pls feel free to help me!

Olrite Im gonna go off and read a book or something.

Take care y'all

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Blu~ said...

Well, I just had finished writing a nice long sensible comment when my connection dropped me. I hate it when that happens. Before it happens again I'll just say that it has been a whilw since I've blessed the ramblings with my babble but now I'm back so be warned, hehehe.....

Hope all is well and that the quest for good entertainment is not just a bust....Go enjoy that book if you are not already and let us know how it went, later rane........