Thursday, March 30, 2006

Enough is enough

My mother once told me that no matter how much you love someone, if they keep taking advantage of it, your love erodes with time.

As human beings, we have gained a capacity for tolerance. Each day, we find our tolerance or patience (whichever you may refer to it as) been tested by those we love, those we trust and even those that are complete strangers. I find that I have varying degrees of tolerance depending on who I deal with and what mood I'm in. Whats consistent though is that if I fancy someone I tolerate so much of their shortcomings. This is the time that my mothers quote from ages gone by finally comes to play. They eat away at my patience till finally I say 'enough.' and walk away.

Yesterday was one of those days. I have been tolerating one person's nuances, insecurities and acted as his ego booster for a while now. I was too scared to say enough because I didn't want him to get big headed that I actually cared about how he was acting. But then, he finally said something yesterday which made me realise, right Im worth so much more so WHY am I putting up with this fool? So now I have let him go. Enough finally was enough. I usually find that this moment of crossing that threshold of tolerance occurs at the most unexpected times. If I had sat there thinking yes I will tell him to go to hell today, it would never have happened. But because I was not expecting it, I was able to do it.

So why do people tear away others love for them? Why can't we be simple? What need is there to hurt, humiliate or use another merely for our pleasure? This behaviour is seen in the human species because we are the only animals with a higher order of thought - if we utilise this obvious gift to these ends, then are we really the 'higher' species?

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Blu~ said...

I have said enough is enough som many times that you would think that enough would actually be enough but somwhow some way it never is...

Human beings are the only species that put themselves in harms way intentionally, that is strange in that animals when searching out their prey do not do this because their prey is of lesser dominance and they are sure instictually that they are safe..

I can relate...