Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Old year, New year, Decisions and Consequences

I apologise for my being silent for a while now.

I came back to Sri Lanka and have been enjoying being at home! So before I even begin to look back at my year, I have to try and make a decision - a big decision - that will determine which way my 2007 will go.

I miss London - I think anyone could have figured that one out by now. Aussie's is great but it's great for a holiday. Neither city - Melbourne nor Sydney - could match upto the vibrancy and cosmopolitan style of London. And once you're used to that - you're doomed. Its like moving from New York to say, Florida. Both great places but great in two different ways. And in the UK, its like moving from London to Nottingham. So, I'm torn. My brain literally feels like mush everytime I start to think about this.

The benefits of Aussie eventually are great but then I literally cringe at the thought of going to live there.

Anyway, so I need to make up my mind!!!

I'm off to India after xmas for a week! Looking forward to that!

This year has been one of mighty big travels!



cathrina said...

sure is london the place to be during new years but alabama is going to rock from now onwards(wink)..

Rane said...

Hi Cathrina!

:D I'm sure alabama'll be great too! I think its all about making the best out of wherever you are but unfortunately i cant seem to practice what i preach!!

happy crimbo!

Blublood said...

Okay, damn it....I am coming to London sooner rather than later. You ca bet on that...

Happy Christmas Rane...

Rane said...

Hey blu!!

haha yeah you should definitely come visit london! and if all works out ill be there to show you around!!

Wishin you a very merry xmas!!