Wednesday, June 03, 2009

A journey - from 2006 to 2009

It's been over three years since I've begun this blog and close to 100 posts. And I'm glad I started it.

I first started blogging out of curiousity. Also, I found that all that time I spent on the tube and wandering around London, I had a lot of time to think and all these things were happening in my life and I needed to make sense of it all. What I find when looking back is the majority of my posts during this time have been about occurrances in my life. What I have felt, what I have done, my hopes, my dreams - yes, as idealistic as it sounds.

Then I left London and slowly my posts started to be more observational of other things - be it politics, traditions and just generally life in Sri Lanka. Also key to this change is that less things have happened to me since I moved back. Life in Colombo is so easy and its where we grew up so there's nothing really big happening here. No life changing moves or people or ideas. Just everyday things. Also I think life just got easier. Less problems, more love in my life. So I had the time to look outside my usual self centric ideas and towards the open world.

The fact that I joined Kottu also changed my blogging course. As mentioned previously in a post about anonymity, I didn't want to include personal details of my life and have someone that may know me stumble on to this blog and realise that it is me. I guess for me anonymity really is valuable.

Reading through some of the entries from 2006 to now, I'm glad I had this blog to pen my thoughts. Else they would have disappeared into the abyss that is the human mind never to return. They prove to be a wonderful trip down memory lane and also a very important and necessary point from which to remember the bad things in the past so I am able to better appreciate my present fortunes.

My blog is my friend and it will help me remember my life for a long time to come.


realskullzero said...

Hey! quite true what you say! it really is a great way to look back on life!

All the best for the future as well!

Just Chillin's Personal Blog said...

Agree with you and realskullzero.

Good luck and all the best to you.. :)

Rine said...

Thank you both for stopping by :)